RETAbet Bilbao: ‘You don’t play with the same calmness’, emphasizes Mumbrú

The equation has been rotated, but the result is the same. The RETAbet It came out “well, with a good success”, but it was less as the minutes passed before the UCAM Murcia and ended up giving in. “In important moments we have had many losses and we have not been well in the definition: trays, solo shots … It costs us and penalizes us,” he explained Alex Mumbrú in the press room.

Between their own mistakes and the bad percentages “it is difficult to win” despite the fact that the men in black did positive things: “We have defended well for many minutes, but we have not defended well Frankamp. As a team we have had good defenses, but you need a little more success to win ”.

Defeats pile up and the mind plays tricks. Is the mentally blocked Bilbao Basket? “You want to win and when you see that you don’t win and the other team is ahead during the game, there are times when we have easy baskets and we fail. If you do not have victories it costs more, you do not play with the tranquility and calm that you can play when you are higher “, he detailed Mumbru.

Huskic debuted with its new colors and that of Barcelona made a “good assessment” of the performance of the pivot. Especially since it is still in the adaptation phase and has the added problem that the Covid-19 It has left him physically touched: “He is an important player for us, he will help us a lot. It has been able to help us something, but we need time for it to catch up ”.