Restoration la barge ‘in anticipation of future successes’ of Athletic

Will the Athletic to ride the Bilbao estuary in the barge on which the rojiblancos champions were mounted in the eighties? Everything is possible. The rojiblanco club, in collaboration with the Bilbao City Council and with him Maritime Museum, will organize tomorrow an event that will symbolize the beginning of the restoration of the aforementioned boat, which is on display in the museum.

Why is the barge being renewed now? “In anticipation of future successes,” reads the note issued by the Athletic. It should not be overlooked that on the horizon is the end of the Cup of the King who must dispute against the Real society in The Charterhouse. An appointment that was delayed ‘sine die’ until the Seville stadium could accommodate the fans of both clubs. At the moment nothing else is known about it.

The act will be headed by Juan Mari Aburto, Mayor of Bilbao, by Lorea Bilbao, president of the Itsasmuseum and provincial deputy of Euskera, Cultural and Sports, and for Aitor Elizegi, president of the Athletic. It will start at 11:30 am.

But there will also be several historic lions. Among them, Daniel Ruiz Bazán and Andoni Goikoetxea, who proclaimed themselves champions of the League 82-83 and signed the double in 83-84. Twice they crossed the estuary, which brought together tens of thousands of people from Biscay on its banks. The act will not miss the great myth of Athletic: José Ángel Iribar.