Renan Lodi’s uncertain future

At the time that Diego Pablo Simeone decided to change the drawing of the Atlético de Madrid and go on to play with two long lanes. Many thought that this change would be a relief for Renan lodi that he was not going to have as much work in defense as when the colchoneros played with four behind. Surprisingly, the opposite has happened.

Last season he was untouchable on the left side. Injuries or penalties were the only way he was not in the starting lineup. In the same way, the season began but little by little his leadership in the team has been declining until adding in this 2021 only 358 minutes of the 1080 that the team has played.

And that in this 2021 he has had more opportunities due to the losses of several of his teammates. Nor the absences of Carrasco, Saúl, Hermoso or Trippier They have opened the door to eleven to have continuity.

In the match against Valencia he occupied the place in the eleven of Trippier in the second part. El Cholo decided to change bands to Carrasco and the Brazilian played on the left. Good minutes from the team were seen but that experiment did not have continuity.

After that came the discharge of Carrasco by Covid19 but the Cholo surprised everyone by entering eleven Saul instead. The Elche midfielder had already been a left-back player on other occasions and was more used to the work that is done in the center of the field, so Simeone bet on him against Cádiz.

That is if he started against Celta de Vigo and in the second game against Levante. In the first replacing a Carrasco that he had just left the Covid, and in the second he played both because of the Belgian’s injury and because of Saúl’s sanction. Two games in which the team did not show its best version only added one point, and the Brazilian was one of those sacrificed.

In fact in the last two games against Chelsea Y Villarreal. That left lane they have taken turns Saul Y Lemar. While I gave it I watched the game from the bench, except for the last nine minutes in Bucharest. It is surprising that in Castellón neither the Gaul nor the Elche did not finish the game but Renan did not have a single minute.

Now comes the harsh reality for the Brazilian side. Everything indicates that the Cholo Simeone recovers so much to Trippier like Carrasco, so his chances of entering the eleven in the next games will fall.

Diego Pablo Simeone already acknowledged at a press conference that Renan Lodi is a player who, due to his qualities, is perfect for the lane position, but for the moment he sees other footballers more prepared than him. Something similar to what happened in his day to Handsome or Lemar