‘Remiro deserves to have already been called up with the national team’

MoyaBesides being a good goalkeeper, he has turned out to be a good teammate. Coexistence with Alex
Remiro, his direct competition, is more than good as shown by the fact that the Balearic Islands praise him for Cascante. “Remiro he can go as far as he wants ”, he stated on Radio Euskadi. “Let it be the‘Zamora‘ it’s not by chance. He is an ideal goalkeeper for Real football due to his dominance of situations and his foot; He has an enviable technique and very beautiful body gestures ”, describes the goalkeeper of BenisalemIf anyone can judge the Navarrese goal with criteria, it is a Moya who has been able to see “the progression of Remiro since the first day”. The Spaniard believes that “he has a lot to improve in that he is doing it in a fabulous way, he praises the young goalkeeper to emphasize forcefully that” I think he deserves to have already been called up with Spain.