Releases for April: these are the series and movies that you cannot miss

If you’re looking to get hooked on something to make curfew and restrictions more bearable, you’re in luck. In April, the most popular platforms of streaming series and movies they prepare premieres and news that you don’t want to miss. From classic series like season 17 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (yes, 17 now), until the fourth season of “The Maid’s Tale” and Mario Casas playing the leading role in “El Inocente.”

Popular series

For fans of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Hearing the seventeenth season premiere must be music to your ears. One of the most acclaimed series in history is now available on Disney + from April 2 with a plot that cannot be more the order of the day: l
Covid19 has arrived at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital and Meredith and company will have to face the harshness and uncertainty of this pandemic. Whether you are a megafan of the series or if you want to start a marathon of episodes now, you have them all available at Disney +.

‘The maid’s tale’ is one of the most acclaimed and expected series for this 2021. Its fourth season will come to HBO Spain on April 29 with one episode per week. To avoid spoilers we can only say that a June Osborn played by a spectacular Elisabeth Moss, will be more vindictive than ever in her fight for the rights of maids and women in that post-apocalyptic world.


Other well-known series that premiere season in April are “Luis Miguel, the series” from the 18th on Netflix and season 2 of ‘Merlí: Sapere Aude’ where we will get to know the popular Pol Rubio much more thoroughly. From April 2 it is already available on Movistar Plus.

Releases to consider

Now available on Netflix ‘Easy money’, a crime drama in which its protagonists – a businesswoman, a gang member and a troubled teenager – will try to get money “in a desperate and sinister way.”

One of the most anticipated this spring comes to Amazon prime this April 9: ‘The children of the Zoo station’, a German series that tells the story of six teenagers who will abandon their lives in a marginal neighborhood, where prostitution and drugs are the order of the day.


Another that is postulated as one of the best series of April 2021 is ‘Welcome to Utmark’, which will premiere HBO on April 18. A mix between black comedy and drama that deals with the different inhabitants of this particular town in northern Norway.


And those who wait for Mario Casas and his ‘Innocent’, this series will be available on Netflix as of April 30 as an adaptation of the novel by Harlan Cobe. Yet another Spanish series that comes to Netflix with a cast made up of actors from the category of Aura Garrido, Alexandra Jiménez, José Coronado and Mario Casas, among others. Precisely, Casas plays Mateo, a young man who had the misfortune to get into a fight and become a murderer.


Movies for the impatient

If you are one of those who do not have the patience to wait for new chapters of your favorite series to premiere, it is always a good idea opt for a movie that hooks and that leaves you with a good taste in your mouth. For this April, they propose us ‘Of love and monsters’, which will arrive on Netflix on April 14 as a romantic, youthful film that the whole family can enjoy; ‘The appearance of things’, starred in the Oscar nominee Amanda seyfried (April 29 on Netflix); and to add a touch of humor, the Spanish comedy ‘I leave it when I want’, in which Ernesto Sevilla David Verdaguer, Carlos Santo or Ernesto Alterio will get us more than a laugh from April 12 also on Netflix.