Reinier will finally go to the Olympics with Brazil

After he was left out of a first list, Reinier Jesús will go to the Tokyo Olympics with Brazil U21. The reason is, as has happened in the rest of the participating teams, that FIFA has expanded the existing quota from 19 to 22 players so that the player of the Real Madrid will be included as reported by the portal

Not like this Rodrygo Goes to which the white team has denied the possibility of attending due to the proximity in the calendar with the start of LaLiga. In the case of Reinier, as it is very likely that he will come out on loan again, they do allow it.

In this way, next to Marco Asensio, Vallejo, Ceballos and Kubo, Reinier will be part of the representatives of the white team in the Olympic event. An Olympic event that, if any of those mentioned reached the final, would not end until August 7 with the start of the League dated on the 15th of the same month, that is, a single week apart.