Reguilón ‘trolls’ his girlfriend Marta Díaz again: ‘He hit me with his banana’

A new video of Sergio Reguilón playing a prank on his girlfriend, the well-known ‘influencer’ Marta Diaz, has gone viral through social networks.

“I have shot Martha the mobile to the sand and he’s angry and gone. Over there she comes mad. It has been inadvertently … It seems that I have thrown it into the water, because it has been gone for 10 minutes, “explained the footballer.

Then, the young woman reproaches him that “you have thrown my phone on the ground, on the sand.” “You are stupid. He gave me his banana and it fell on the ground, “the popular‘ youtuber ’insisted with laughter.

“You are a drama. Give me a kiss to ask for forgiveness because you have become very silly, “he said Reguilon, who decided to end the fun conflict he had with his partner.

Reguilón and Marta Diaz, proclaim your love to the four winds

The couple, who when she started dating preferred to keep their romance a secret, now she no longer hides and assiduously exchanges romantic messages through social networks.

“I can finally make official what many of you suspected. Today I want to introduce you to one of the most important people in my life. I love you little one, ”Reguilón wrote on April 9 on his Instagram account.