Reguilón and Marta Díaz return to Madrid in style

The season is over and the players are enjoying their well-deserved vacations. It is the case of Sergio Reguilon, who has packed his bags after finishing the Premier League to head to Madrid. His girlfriend Marta Diaz has been in charge of broadcasting his trip back to the capital through social networks.

“Vuelta a España”, he limited himself to writing the popular ‘influencer’ along with the snapshots that quickly became viral through social networks.

Undoubtedly, Sergio and Marta they form one of the couples of the moment. They are both young, handsome, and successful in their respective professional careers. While the soccer player has more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram, the Madrilenian has a whopping 2.8 million.

On May 6, the couple celebrated their second anniversary together. “You have taught me to love, but to really love, to love from a distance, you have made me feel close, even when I am far away. You have made me feel, without telling me anything, that I will always have you. Hopefully we get tired of counting years together. I hope always ”, were the affectionate words that he publicly dedicated to her Martha to Sergio throught social media.