Red flag for a serious accident in Moto2

In the fourth lap of the Moto2 race at turn 1, Moto2 World Championship leader Enea Bastianini fell when he was fifth in the Austrian GP race. He suffered a highside, his motorcycle was left in the middle of the track after a change from the ground level, it was seen by those who were after him, who have dodged the rider and the motorcycle, but not those who came from behind, accelerating on the ascent at around 130 km / h.

Edgar Pons, who got up after throwing himself off the bike as he went straight to a wall for dodging the bike, has found her, Izdihar, too, and the former MotoGP and Aspar Team rider Hafisz ‘El Pescao’ Syahrin, has been the worst stopped when hitting full and Bastianini’s bike ended up shattering shooting pieces. Dorna quickly reported that all the pilots involved were aware when the Malaysian pilot was being assisted on the runway and evacuated by ambulance. Taken to the medical center there they have detected several fractures and he has been transferred to a nearby hospital for a complete check-up.

For the Aspar Team, which had just celebrated Albert Arenas’ triumph in Moto3, it was a great impact, although they were comforted with the first more hopeful news of what the very serious accident had predicted.