Record of Survivors: List of all the winners of the reality show

Survivors 2020 opens this Friday with 17 contestants willing to win the new edition of the ‘reality’ presented for another year by Lara Álvarez from Honduras and Jorge Javier Vázquez on set. But who were the winners of the previous editions?

The first Survivors in its Spanish edition was issued in 2000. Presented by Juanma López Iturriaga, the first winner was Xavier Monjonell, a Girona ski instructor who won a prize of 10 million pesetas (about 60,000 euros). The program aired on Telecinco months after being recorded in Bastimentos, Panama, and the 16 contestants were anonymous.


The second edition of Survivors, in 2001, called Robinson Expedition like the first and also presented by Iturriaga although this time accompanied by Paco Lobato on set, the Valencian golfer Freddy Cortina won. On this occasion the prize was 20 million pesetas (about 120,000 euros), the 16 contestants were again anonymous and the program was also broadcast again on Telecinco a week after being recorded in the Seychelles Islands.

The Island of the Famous and its format changes

The third edition of Survivors, in 2003, was the one of radical change. The program went to Antena 3, it was called La Isla de los FamoSOS (with which the anonymous contestants ended) and was limited to nine contestants, eight from the beginning plus Maria José Besora who later came in to replace Nani Gaitán, all celebrities. Paula Vázquez was the presenter from the island, this time the Dominican Republic. The winner was the Argentine model
Daniela cardone. She was not the only winner of the reality show that year because there was a second edition that same 2003 that Galician swimmer Felipe López won with the participation of 17 celebrities.

In 2004 Survivors went from the islands to the Amazon rainforest. Presented again by Paula Vázquez, the program was renamed La Selva de los FamoSOS. 17 celebrities ‘survived’ in one issue won by the Cadiz bullfighter José Antonio Canales.

Survivors 2005 was christened Adventure in Africa. Again Paula Vázquez was the image of the new edition shot in Kenya. Nuria Roca accompanied her as in the three previous editions. This time the novelty was a mixed participation system: half of the contestants were famous and the other half anonymous. 19 people participated Victor Janeiro, also a bullfighter from Cadiz, prevails.

Back to the caribbean

2006 was the year that Survivors returned to Telecinco and the islands of the Dominican Republic. It was called Lost in the Caribbean, it returned to the format of ‘all famous’, 12, and the winner was the Italian actress and vedette Carmen Russo. Jesús Vázquez and José María Íñigo were the presenters.

Survivors: Lost in Honduras was the name of the 2007 edition, hosted by Jesús Vázquez and with Mario Picazo giving the daily summaries with the lives of the 13 celebrities who passed through the program broadcast from Cayo Paloma. Cuban Nilo Manrique won, sculptor ex-husband of Isabel Gremio. Repeated name, string, format, place and presenters in the 2008 edition that The former Madrid porn actress Míriam Sánchez won. And again the formula for success was repeated in 2009 winning the edition the Gipuzkoan Olympic athlete Maite Zúñiga.

The eleventh edition of Survivors, in 2010, was called Lost in Nicaragua, passing the location from Honduras to the Cayos de Cochinos. Jesús Vázquez repeated on set and Eva González made her debut on the island. 12 famous and 8 anonymous participants participated winning the Biscayan Maria José Fernández, a jewelry appraiser who prevailed over the ‘celebrities’.

The consolidation of the format: Jorge Javier, VIPs and Honduras

In 2011, back to Cayos Cochinos and with the debut of presenters: Jorge Javier Vázquez on set and Raquel Sánchez Silva on the island. The Cádiz-born Rosa Benito, sister-in-law of Rocía Jurado, won the contest returning the scepter to the ‘famous’.

After two years without editions, in 2014 Survivors returned to Honduras repeating presenters. 22 celebrities participated in the reality show imposing Abraham García, participant of Gandía Shore. In 2015 it repeated the VIP edition and Lara Álvarez replaced Raquel Sánchez-Silva who happened, after a pregnancy, to present the debate and the last hour. The French Christopher Mateo, participant of Who wants to marry my son ?, won the new edition.

Survivors 2016 once again traced the previous editions in format, location, presenters and chain. The Extremaduran model Jorge Díaz prevailed. 2017 repeated formula adding the curiosity of famous contestants accompanied by relatives. Master Chef 4 finalist José Luis Losa won this new edition of the program presented again by Jorge Javier Vázquez and Lara Álvarez.

They gave themselves the name of the winner of 2018, the also winner of Big Brother 16, Sofía Suescun
in an edition with 17 participants, all famous. Finally, in 2019, the winner was the singer and ex-partner of Isa Pantoja, Omar Montes with the novelty of new names such as Carlos Sobera presenting debates and alternating the broadcast between Telecinco and Cuatro.

In 2020, the strangest year in the history of ‘reality’ (and of our lives in general), an almost unknown Jorge Perez to date he has been proclaimed the winner. Who will get the check in the edition that starts this Thursday, April 8?

2000 – Xavier Monjonell

2001 – Freddy Cortina

2002 – There was no edit

2003 – Daniela Cardone

2003 – Felipe López

2004 – José Antonio Canales

2005 – Victor Janeiro

2006 – Carmen Russo

2007 – Nilo Manrique

2008 – Míriam Sánchez

2009 – Maite Zúñiga

2010 – Maria José Martínez

2011 – Rosa Benito

2012 – There was no edition

2013 – There was no edition

2014 – Abraham García

2015 – Christopher Mateo

2016 – Jorge Diaz

2017 – José Luis Sosa

2018 – Sofia Suescun

2019 – Omar Montes

2020 – Jorge Pérez