Recadito de Monchi: ‘Others can only celebrate our misfortunes’

The sporting general director of the Seville, Monchi, reflected on the setback suffered at the Camp Nou last Wednesday. The defeat against FC Barcelona and the Cup final that disappeared to Julen Lopetegui’s team has raised injuries in Sevilla, but the sports manager affects how close his club is to the maximum elite, also sending a message to the eternal rival.

The man from Cádiz showed his state of mind in an interview on Sevilla’s official television, where he acknowledged that he barely slept after the Camp Nou game. “I imagine that I am as is the vast majority of sevillismo. Still remembering what happened. It has been a difficult defeat, hard to digest, complicated by the way it is produced and that makes the consequences greater and the sad and painful hangover last longer. We have a game in Elche, then in Dortmund and there is not much time to lick our wounds, although obviously the stick has been fat and above all because of disappointment. It was a magnificent moment to redistribute happiness and joy to Seville. That is what still makes my heart shrink, to see so much anger in people for not having been able to enjoy their team at a time like this. We will leave it for the next one and to continue. There is no other, “said the Seville executive.

“It took me a long time to go to bed because we were chatting at the hotel and it was hard for me. You are left with the honey on your lips of having achieved another beautiful achievement. Fortunately, we have been enjoying ourselves a lot in recent years and that is our greatness. Unfortunately others can only celebrate our misfortunes. We can get angry for not getting something that we have been getting a lot lately. It is not easy to be, stay calm and not shed any tears. What you do is review where we have failed, what has been lacking and analyze everything to find solutions ”.

A team that rubs shoulders with the elite, regardless of who it weighs

“When you rub shoulders with the elite, and Sevilla, regardless of whoever does it, the disappointments are for losing a final or not reaching a final. Today I listened to Fernando Navarro, who is my partner in fatigue and guides me many times, that the elite is to get used to always winning. Clubs like Barcelona and players like Piqué, Messi, Benzema, Ramos or Kroos, have spent their entire lives trying to win every game and that is very difficult. We are close to that and you just have to see how Sevillismo is, with that harshness and anger against the team and its managers. For what another club would be a merit to be in a semifinal and to be eliminated by Barcelona, ​​for us it is a tragedy. You have to face it with integrity and not turn your face to error, because it makes you grow, “added the San Fernando.

Monchi appreciated the anger of the fans and the harshness with which in some cases he has criticized the approach. For the former goalkeeper, it is a sign of the greatness of the club. “In the last eight months we have had two finals and one attempt. People have the right and surely the obligation to criticize, because sevillismo has to be demanding, but hopefully all the demands are those. Hopefully we get used to getting angry for not getting this. It is what has allowed us to rub shoulders with the elite these 15 years. To get bitter and have a bad time for not taking the last step, not for falling on the first step ”.