Rebound of Fuenlabrada, which responds to Elche

The publication of statements by the Second clubs that are fully involved in the fight for the playoff and, therefore, affected by the case of those infected by Fuenlabrada has no end. If first it was Elche that has pointed to the Madrid club as the culprit for everything, now it is the ‘Fuenla’ that responds. And not just anything.

The capital club’s statement “regrets” that of Elche and threatens to “take legal action for the accusations.” “They point us out as the offending club and speak of negligent conduct, in addition to using the word ‘intent,’ when there are no indications.”

The CF Fuenlabrada recalls that “we did not act in such a way that the competition was adulterated as the club from Elche indicates” and reminds Elche that “if you consider that the competition was adulterated for not playing all the games at the same time, you should raise your complaint to competent sports institutions that made the decision (RFEF, LaLiga and CSD) ”.

Finally, the Madrid club remembers that “the pandemic is worldwide”, that “we are victims” and that “the only possible solution is for the 42nd day to end with the Deportivo-Fuenlabrada dispute”.