Reassuring message from Luis Fabiano: ‘I’m fine’

A legend in Brazilian soccer and in the history of the Seville, former striker Luis
Fabian, reassures his fans after it became known that he is hospitalized in a Sao Paulo clinic after testing positive for Covid-19
. The scorer assured that he is well and thanked the samples of affection received.

“Guys, thank you so much for your concern, for the positive messages, and the prayers! I’m really in the hospital right now, but I’m fine and they are taking good care of me. God willing, I’ll be leaving soon and let you know. Take care! ”, Said the former footballer and legendary Sevilla striker, who used his Twitter account to explain his current state of health.

Luis Fabiano, who is currently 40 years old and who was active in the ranks of Vasco de Gama until 2018, was admitted to a hospital on the recommendation of doctors, although his environment clarified that he is in a normal room and without the need for breathing special, although there is no prospect yet that he can be discharged promptly.

In Brazil, the coronavirus is hitting the population hard, with more than 3,000 deaths a day

The Brazilian made history at Sevilla, with whom he scored 104 goals in 255 official matches, winning six titles.