Reason why WWE changed the stipulation of the match between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville at SummerSlam

By Francisco Alvarez – PUBLISHED ON 08/24/2020 AT 4:51 PM

A few weeks ago, Sonya deville ambushed Mandy rose on WWE SmackDown, cutting off parts of his hair. On the following week’s episode, Mandy debuted a new look with shorter hair and challenged Deville to a hair-to-hair fight at WWE SummerSlam. In the pre-pay-per-view show, Mandy Rose appealed to the good relationship she had with Sonya to let things slide and Deville finally he changed the stipulation to a fight without disqualification and the one who lost would leave the company.

As Dave Meltzer contributes, the reason why WWE changed the stipulation Mandy Rose’s match against Sonya Deville at SummerSlam was due to the recent attempted kidnapping that took place at Deville’s home. The report adds that Sonya Deville’s attorney warned her that it would not be a good idea to appear in court with a shaved head. Meltzer also added that Sonya could take time off from the company and work on other projects.

Last week, a man broke into Sonya Deville’s house and activated the security alarm. When Deville stepped out onto the porch to check on the situation, he found himself face to face with the man. In his official statement, Deville recalls the man equipped with a knife and pepper spray. Later, it was revealed that he also carried a mace, duct tape, and zip ties, among other things.

Although the hair-to-hair match did not take place at WWE SummerSlam, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville met in a no-disqualification match at the event. Finally, Mandy Rose won the match so Sonya must leave the company. After the match, Rose celebrated in the ring with Otis.

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