Real’s European obsession

The objective of the Real is still to obtain a European place next season despite the fact that the return of the confinement has made him feel like a sip of arsenic. He has fallen asleep on the comfortable eight-point mattress he had compared to the eighth classified and his poor performance in the four days after the League resumed have volatilized practically all his options to qualify for the Champions League. He would have to invoice little less than a feat to rekindle his chances of fighting for the maximum continental competition. Thus the things, the square of Imanol
Sheriff A seven-battle war begins on Monday with a new goal: to qualify for the next edition of the Europa League. It would be a juicy prize, despite having caressed throughout the course and, especially the stoppage due to the pandemic, the passport to the Champions League.

After day 31, Real is in seventh place, since it would not grant him a direct place for the next group stage of the Europa League, but would force him to play three qualifying rounds prior to a single match to enter the league. His disadvantage with the fifth, which is Getafe, his next rival in two days, is two points, and with the sixth, Villarreal, is one. It is a meager difference and he still has to face both of them in what remains of the League. The problem is that in both cases it is away from home and the two won 1-2 at Anoeta. Private ‘goalaverages’ take on a singular significance at this point.

Villarreal, difficult calendar

The Getafe has returned horrible, like the Real one, from the confinement, although its harvest has been superior to that of the Gipuzkoans: three points. Villarreal, for its part, is a demolishing machine, with 10 points out of 12. La Real had nine points and now, after four goals, it is one below. In any case, the yellows’ schedule, with meetings against Valencia, Madrid and Barça and direct duels against Getafe and Real, is also complex.

On the other hand, those of Imanol they attack day 32 with a one point advantage over the eighth, Valencia, three with the ninth, Granada, and five with Athletic, which are the teams that could hunt him down. By difference, quality and schedule, the most dangerous opponent is Valencia, who have already faced Madrid, Barça and Atlético. Granada is another team that Real must still face, on matchday 35, so a second victory against the Nasrids (the San Sebastian win 1-2 at Los Cármenes) could eliminate him as a rival.

Between three and four victories

The dream of the Champions League faded after having achieved a single point of 12, despite the fact that Real started the resumption of the League in fourth place. To qualify to be third or fourth, you would practically have to win all seven games – it was the calculation you had made Imanol Before the match against Osasuna and Real, he has not yet obtained a single victory- or add 19 points from 21 to place himself in the environment of 65-67, which is what Atlético and Sevilla will achieve if they maintain their projection. In addition, the average final score of the fourth place in the League in the last 10 seasons is 66 points.

To be fifth or sixth and obtain a direct place in the Europe
LeagueReal would need around four victories in the remaining seven games, which is no small feat. To be seventh they could be worth three. Or 10 more points. If you maintain your average score for the course, including this fall to hell, you will reach 58 points and for that you need three wins and two more draws. The fifth classified has obtained 63 points on average in the last 10 campaigns and the sixth, 59. Real He’s 47 and 21 at stake.

The most urgent thing is to stop the hemorrhage of defeats – they are already three in a row – and obtain a balsamic victory that serves to oxygenate the organisms and regain confidence. Once the considered the friendliest part of the calendar has been discarded, the Real now undertakes another set of four games in which it must define whether or not it wants to be European, Getafe and Levante outside and Espanyol and Granada at home. The last matches against Villarreal, Sevilla and Atlético will be the last test of maturity for a team that needs to resurrect.