Real options grow without Messi

The injury that will prevent Leo
Messi playing tonight against Real makes the options of the txuri urdin team grow. It is true that Barcelona is a team with multiple world stars but it is no less so than, as he admitted José
Mendilibar recently, on the eve of visiting he Camp Nou, the Blaugrana team is one with Rosario’s star and another without him.

La Real can attest to how they are spent Messi, especially in the Camp
Nou. Since the crack began to be a regular in the Barcelona line-ups, in the 06/07 season, Messi has scored 16 goals for the squad txuri
urdin, all but three in his field. In fact, it took the Argentine seven years to score in Anoeta and his goal was of no use as Real won 3-1 in the 13-14 season. Only the last of his three goals in the San Sebastian fiefdom was accompanied by a positive result for Barcelona (2-4) in the 17-18 campaign.

Ansotegi pursues Messi in the 14/15 match in which, leaving the bench, the Argentine could not avoid the defeat of his team

But it is also that the Real has only lost two of the three games in which Messi he was not a starter against the Guipuzcoans, a completely abnormal situation. In fact, the Argentine started 23 of the last 26 clashes between the two. clubs but, curiously, or not, in the three in which he left the bench, Real won one and tied the other. The equalizer took place on 12/11 when against the team led by Pep
Guardiola, Real came back from the initial 0-2 of Barça to end up equaling two. On 14-15, the substitution of Messi brought much more cola. Not only because Real won (1-9) with an own goal by Alba, but also because Luis Enrique’s decision to leave not only the Argentine but also Alves, Pique, Rakitic or Neymar brought about a crisis that almost cost the Asturian his job. Barça’s only victory over Real being Messi The substitute took place at the farewell to Xabi Prieto, in the 17/18 season, on the last day of the season. An encounter in which nothing was at stake.