Real Madrid: What Ramos would find at PSG

The arrival of Sergio Ramos to the PSG is imminent. Except for surprise, that in football they are never disposable, the Sevillian center-back will play next season in Paris and there he will find himself before a series of new experiences and companions that, for a player who has spent the last 15 years in the same club, must be difficult to assume at least instantly.

Human group

For this, however, he will have the help of many members, public and private, who will make his life in the PSG simpler. As for the wardrobe, he will be able to meet again with his great friend and former partner Keylor
Navas, with his other former partner Angel Di Maria and, also, with his compatriots Sarabia, Sergio
rich, Ander
Herrera Y Juan
Bernat. Players who will make your stay in Paris more bearable and will introduce you to your new club, your new league and your new city.

Beyond that, it will also have the support of Mauricio
Pochettino, great supporter of his signing and Argentine, so that communication can be fluid from the beginning.

Sports project

Another important aspect that has surely made the balance of Bouquets to him PSG, has been that the French team is a winning project. In doubt of the continuity of Mbappe it is overshadowed by the presence of Neymar, the recent arrival of Georgino
Wijnaldum or the possible signings of Achraf (with whom he also shared a dressing room at Real Madrid) or Donnarumma, which sound very strong in the Parisian market.

In this way, Ramos will find in PSG what he is looking for: a team capable of fighting for all the titles, that gives him personal stability (he will sign for one year plus another for incentives) and he will be able to continue fighting to increase his record and come back. with the Spanish team for the Qatar World Cup in 2022 which is around the corner.