Real Madrid: The pending tasks that Zidane leaves to his successor

At Real Madrid it is still unclear who will sit on the bench next season. Pochettino, Conte or Raúl are the candidates, but there is none for sure. What is clear is that whoever arrives will find a series of tasks to be solved.

The defense, in doubt

The arrival of Alaba is certain that it underpins the rear. Also the continuity of players like Nacho, Militao, Carvajal or Mendy who could well be the starting defense in more than one game. However, the future of Ramos and Varane is where the problem lies.

Neither of them has their future assured of white and the new coach will have a lot to do with this. If his desire is to retain them, he will have to convince them to negotiate with the club, but otherwise, he could start the season without two capital players and “owners” of the defense with which Real Madrid has made history in the Champions League. In addition, the same situation occurs with Marcelo, who has been losing prominence in recent years.

The loaned ones, back

Another of the key missions will be the work of the new technician in the case of those transferred and his return to Madrid. Players like Jovic, Odeggard, Kubo, Reinier, Ceballos or Bale are forced to return to be part of the white discipline but their future will have a lot to do with what the coach wants.

If the new tenant of the bench wants to have them, the Real Madrid squad could be transformed. Otherwise, the project of the young signings who would be forced to leave the club in search of the minutes necessary for their progression would be left up in the air.

Reactivate Hazard

Finally, another of the pending tasks of the new coach will be to try to recover Eden Hazard for the cause. The former Chelsea footballer, after two seasons, is still not who he was and what will be his third year, he will not be forgiven for not standing out again as he did in London.

Beyond that, in the role of players like Vinciius, Rodrygo or Asensio himself, the new coach will also be important. As in Isco’s, a player who has a foot and a half outside the white team.