Real Madrid stands for Alaba

Praise will come out this summer of Bayern Munich. Both the German club and the player himself have made it clear on numerous occasions so there is no room for surprise. However, what is still unknown is where the Austrian will play next season as several clubs are behind him but he is not an easy player.

Their demands, according to various means such as ESPN or You
Parisien, they are very tall. Both economic and tactical. The Austrian, according to the aforementioned media, has asked for 22 million euros a year and to have a guaranteed position in the midfield, something to which, for example, the Real
Madrid, is not willing to agree.

And it is that the whites, interested in the player, would make him the highest paid of the squad with this token and, despite the fact that they are one of the best placed, they will not throw the house out the window for a player despite reaching zero cost.

Agent Zahavi, key

But the core of the signing or not of Praise for him Real Madrid is your agent, Pini
Zahavi. A well-known agent of Israeli origin who has a reputation for being a greedy and difficult negotiator.

Among other cases, he was behind the signing of Neymar for him PSG and even took control of the future of Lewandowski to try to find a way out of Bayern Munich in recent years.

Therefore, the Real
Madrid You know that if you want Alaba, you will have to fight his demands.