Real Madrid should change its statutes to play the Super League

The Real Madrid would have to change their statutes to participate in a Super League like the one I had planned. This was advanced by La Cadena Cope, who explained that with the current statutes, Real Madrid cannot participate in competitions other than those in which the Federation is immersed, as is the case with the Super League.

Article 3 of the statutes of Real Madrid reads: “The Real Madrid Football Club, founded in March 1902 and whose first founding Act is dated April 18 of the same year, has legal personality in accordance with current legislation, being attached to the Spanish Football Federation, as well as the Federations that require it, according to the different sports sections that the Club has established in each season since the current ones prevent it from participating in a tournament apart from those in which the Royal Spanish Federation is immersed. of Football (RFEF), as it was going to be the European Super League whose members have been withdrawing since Tuesday night. ”.

And in the article 4 It says: “In addition to these Statutes, the Laws and Regulations issued in general for the sport, as well as the special rules issued by each of the federations to which it belongs, will be applicable to the Real Madrid Football Club, as a sports club. submitted, taking into account that, given the primary and main purpose, the Regulations that come from the Royal Spanish Football Federation will enjoy preference.

According to the statutes of Real Madrid, it is Extraordinary Assembly of Commitment Partners the one that must approve the change of statutes, according to article 31 section b. Article 32 defines that said modification must be approved by a two-thirds majority of those present at the time of voting.