Real Madrid says ‘no’ to Cristiano, but not to wink

Real Madrid still does not contemplate, at this time, the return of Cristiano Ronaldo. The club aims to Mbappé and Haaland and the Portuguese does not enter the plans of the merengue entity. First, because he is not for the work of paying a transfer for a 36-year-old player and not paying him the 31 million he charges at Juventus. The club is asking players to reduce their chip by 10% and that is one of the main obstacles in the renewal of Ramos.

Despite the fact that the official position of Real Madrid with Christianor it is clear, from the club itself they do not stop winking at the Portuguese. The first was Zidane last Monday when he released a “can happen” when Sky Italia asked him about Cristiano’s possible return. It is true that Zidane would be delighted to have the Portuguese again and does not hide it.

Zidane’s desire is more or less within logic, but he misses the position of Butragueño, director of institutional relations of Real Madrid. Yesterday, after the game against him, when yesterday, when asked about the possibility of Cristiano’s return, he released a “we’ll see.”

Two winks at Cristiano Ronaldo by two representative figures of Real Madrid who continue to say that Cristiano will not return, but that he does not stop opening the door for him to return.