Real Madrid points to Hernández Hernández

The Real Madrid spoint her to Hernandez Hernandez after yesterday’s derby at the Metropolitano. If after the game it was Butragueño who complained about the Canary Islands arbitration, today it was Real Madrid television that has denounced 10 actions by the referee that, in his opinion, have harmed Real Madrid.

Felipe’s hand in yesterday’s derby

Real Madrid claims the hand of Philip In the area. The VAR notified the Canarian referee and after reviewing the play on the monitor said that it was not a penalty, which has outraged Real Madrid

Rakitic and Varane in the 2019/20 Classic

In last season’s El Clásico at the Camp Nou, Real Madrid claimed two penalties from Hernández Hernández, both from Varane. The first for a grab of Rakitic to Varane when the central was about to finish off a corner. Neither Hernández Hernández nor the VAR saw a penalty.

Lenglet and Varane in the Classic of the 2019/20

Squad of Lenglet to Varane that it was not designated as a penalty neither by Hernández Hernández nor by the VAR. A play that made Real Madrid very angry.

Campaign Hand in 2019/20

Real Madrid claimed a penalty in the Ciutat de Valencia by the hands of Campaign en an action with Isco. Neither Hernández Hernández nor the VAR decreed a penalty.

Suárez and Varane in the Classic of the 2017/18

In the Camp Nou Classic, Suarez rmoved the ball to Varane with a foul and Barcelona ended up scoring 2-1. El Clásico ended 2-2 and Hernández Hernández was once again the star of the match for the Madridistas.

Marcelo and Jordi Alba in the Classic of the 2017/18

In that Classic, Real Madrid also claimed a penalty of Sunrise to Marcelo with 2-2 on the scoreboard.

Modric and Jordi Alba in the Classic of the 2017/18

In that same Classic, Real Madrid claimed the red for a grab by the neck of Alba to Luka Modric. An action that happened in the first part.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Umtiti in the Classic of the 2016/17

Real Madrid claimed after two minutes of play a penalty of Umtiti to Cristiano Ronaldo. Hernández Hernández did not indicate anything and then there was no VAR

Ramos and Messi in the Classic of 2016/17

Real Madrid finished the game with 10 for the expulsion of Sergio
Bouquets that made a strong entrance to Messi. Real Madrid understands that since there is no contact from Ramos to Messi, in no case can it be red card.

Bale’s goal annulled in the 2015/16 Clásico

Zidane’s first Clásico as a coach. The match was going 1-1 and Bale scored from head to pass from Christian. Hernández Hernández annulled the goal considering that there was a foul in the jump with Jordi Alba.