Real Madrid players’ cars for sale

The players of the Real Madrid recently received the Audi, sponsor of the white club, for this season. But what about the ones they received last season? Well, they are for sale. Through Audi Selection: Plus Village, the company’s platform for the sale of its pre-owned vehicles, you can buy the cars used by Real Madrid players last season.

“Few can play like them, but now you can drive their cars” is the Audi motto so that everyone who wants to buy the cars can do so. Cars Sergio Ramos, Modric, Lucas Vázquez, Hazard, Valverde and Casemiro are already sold. The one with Rmasters, for example, it was sold for 84,722 euros.

The most expensive is the Audi e-tron from Varane that it costs 87,360 euros. The one of Benzema, for example, costs 61,898 euros and that of Zidane, 61,084 euros.

A few days ago, the Real Madrid players received their new Audi