Real Madrid only made one shot between the three sticks against Chelsea

The Real Madrid he was 100% effective against Chelsea. With only one shot between the three clubs in the entire match, he managed to tie and leave the tie open. That auction was that of Benzema in the 29th minute it was 1-1. From that shot to the end, Real Madrid did not finish again between the three suits.

According to UEFA statistics, Real Madrid made a total of nine shots on goal, including a goal post. Benzema. Chelsea, meanwhile, made 12, of which five were between the three suits. There was the big difference between the two teams. Real Madrid, with a shot scored and the Chelsea he only achieved one goal, that of Pulisic, in those five shots between the three suits.

Yes, the Real Madrid won in possession with 52% for 48% of the Chelsea that in the first part he wasted a good number of occasions to close his pass to the Champions League final. Now, everything will be decided in London on May 5.