Real Madrid: ‘I would be surprised if Bale were happy sitting on the bench for two years’

The former player Danny Murphy He has spoken of Bale’s situation in his Daily Mail column. The former footballer recommends that the Welshman solve his problems with Real Madrid and leave the white club to return to being a footballer.

“Statistics indicate that Zidane He wants her to go, “begins Murphy, adding that” I understand that everyone is different and I cannot say that what was right for me would be right for me. Gareth, but I couldn’t see myself in this position. Playing soccer was always more important to my happiness than money. ”

The former player explains that “we complain that the players are unfair so that Bale can be congratulated for wanting to stay. He probably loves the club and the lifestyle in Madrid. But there comes a point where you waste months and years of your career, and the passion for the game must outweigh everything else. ”

Murphy is very clear that Bale You have the right to make your own decisions, but I’d be surprised if you were really happy sitting on the bench for two years, even if you like the weather and golf. It would be better to look for a solution where Real pays part of their existing contract and can find another club. The bottom line is that we all want to see Gareth Bale in the field ”, he concludes.