Real Madrid does not give the OK and Vinicius is left without the Olympic Games

Vinicius he will not go to the Tokyo Games. Real Madrid responded with a ‘no’ to the Brazilian Confederation’s request to summon Vinicius for the Olympic Games. The Brazilian request came last week to Real Madrid, which was quick to reply that it was not letting the player go to Tokyo.

Vinicius has experienced the same case as Rodrygo, which was also called up for the Games and Real Madrid has not given permission for its players to attend the Olympic event. Yes it will be with Brazil Reinier, footballer of the white club who is on loan to Dortmund.

Kubo He will also be at the Games in his country to which they will also attend Marco Asensio, Vallejo and Ceballos with Spain. In this case, Real Madrid cannot refuse to give up players for the Olympics.

Madrid does not allow Vinicius to go to the Games and will do the preseason with the white club