Real Madrid continues with the process against Rui Pinto, from Football Leaks

The Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã publishes that Real Madrid, like Benfica, has appealed to the Portuguese Justice the suspension of the process for espionage against Rui Pintoby Football Leaks.

The Portuguese newspaper assures that Real Madrid would not forgive Rui Pinto for tax espionage and considers him responsible for the march of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus. Rui Pinto’s revelations about the soccer player’s alleged tax leak activated the Spanish Justice to denounce the forward.

The revelations of Rui Pinto they finished with Cristiano Ronaldor sentenced to 23 months in prison suspended for four crimes against the Public Treasury and had to pay about 20 million euros.

Rui Pinto he has been in preventive detention and has been under house arrest. It has reached an agreement with the Portuguese Justice and has delivered eight hard drives.