Real Madrid beat Cádiz without problems

The real Madrid he finally had a quiet victory between so many League and Champions final. It was at the Ramón de Carranza before a Cadiz that he wanted but could not stand up to the team of Zidane who resolved the match in the first half. Three points that allow Real Madrid to continue putting pressure on Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona in the fight for the League.

The white victory was cemented in a first act that was Real Madrid from minute 30. Before that, the match was even, although without clear chances for either of the two contenders. Cádiz was not risking and Madrid, with three centrals and a defense of five, lacked ball control and fluidity without Kroos neither Modric.
Antonio Blanco and Casemiro They tried, but their more defensive profile greatly conditioned the offensive game of the white club.

This is how the match was until at minute 25, Rodrygo He went to the Cádiz area and Jairo lightly grabbed him by the shirt inside the area. An action that neither Mateu lahoz Noel VAR considered a penalty but that was the prelude to another in which they did see a maximum penalty for a stomp without intention of Iza to Vinicius. An example of what a VAR penalty is that Benzema converted to 0-1 in the 30th minute.

There the game changed. Real Madrid fell apart and in the 33rd minute, Odriozola put the 0-2 when heading a center of Benzema who took advantage of the pressure and theft of the ball from Marcelo and Nacho. The icing on that first part was put back Benzema who scored the 0-3 in the 40th minute by finishing off a cross from Casemiro. Cádiz claimed offside, first of Vinicius and after Benzema, but they were not and after previous revision of the VAR, the 0-3 rose to the scoreboard.

Thus it was reached the rest of a game that seemed that Real Madrid had sentenced in 10 minutes. The second half began with Álvaro Cervera, Cádiz coach, suddenly changing four players, aware that nothing had worked for him in the first 45 minutes. Real Madrid, with the score in favor, was dedicated to letting the minutes go by and looking for their opportunity to extend the score.

Carvajal reappears

Zidane, seeing that the victory was not in danger despite the attempts of Cádiz, he began to think about the following matches. Varane, who just got out of the coronavirus, left and CarvajaHe reappeared so that he had minutes of face, especially, to Chelsea. Later, he debuted Miguel Gutierrez and gave rest to Benzema to enter Mariano.

Meanwhile, quite little happened on the grass and the quarter of Madrid seemed closer than the first of Cádiz. In the end, neither one nor the other saw the door again and the match ended with a very placid triumph for Real Madrid, who lay down as the leader waiting for Atlético de Madrid to do today against Huesca.

1 J. Ledesma 1 T. Courtois
twenty Iza 46 ‘ 3 Éder Militão
(16 J. Cala) 5 R. Varane 61 ‘
3 Fali (two D. Carvajal)
4 Marcos Mauro 6 Nacho
22 Pacha Espino 65 ‘ 19 TO. Odriozola for 61 ‘
(14 Ivan Alejo) (22 Isco)
7 Salvi 46 ‘ 31 White
(9 A. Lozano) 14 Casemiro
two J. Jønsson 12 Marcelo 74 ‘
6 Jose Mari 46 ‘ (35 Miguel Gutierrez)
(12 I. Šaponjić) 25 Rodrygo
25 Jairo 9 K. Benzema 74 ‘
18 TO. Negredo 46 ‘ (24 Mariano)
(fifteen Akapo) twenty Vinicius Jr. 61 ‘
twenty-one Ruben Nephew (eleven M. Asensio)

Goals:(0-1) K. Benzema (30 ‘), (0-2) Á. Odriozola (33 ‘), (0-3) K. Benzema (40’)

Cards:L Salvi (8 ‘), R. Varane (22’), Iza (29 ‘), José Mari (41’), J. Jønsson (45 ‘), Nacho (46’), Marcelo (68 ‘)L

Referee: Mateu Lahoz A. M.

Spectators: 0 in the Nuevo Ramón de Carranza

THE BEST Benzema’s party that participated in the three goals of Real Madrid
WORST The Cádiz that fell apart after conceding the first Real Madrid goal