Real Madrid, against Osasuna after the odyssey

He Real Madrid It’s in Pamplona, but it was neither easy for this to be the case nor is it guaranteed that this Saturday (9:00 p.m.) he will face Osasuna in The Sadar. Due to the inclement weather caused by ‘Filomena’, the expedition of the white team was nothing more and nothing less than five hours trapped in the plane before it could take off. In the end he did, at 11:00 p.m. yesterday night and with the consequent discomfort of the whites. And as if that were not enough with what has been said, it turns out that snow is announced in Pamplona Today, there is no guarantee that the game will be held normally and there is a suspicion that it could be postponed to Sunday.

Everything that happened caused a huge discomfort in the Madrid expedition to understand that The league could have prevented it if he hadn’t urged the Madrid traveled yesterday. But according to certain information from said organism it is pointed out that the time of the trip is chosen by the clubs, so the Madrid I could have traveled this morning.

In short, an atypical situation that may well be worth for the Madrid complain of lack of rest if the game is finally played tonight and the result is not in your interests.

Doubt on the right side

Putting the odyssey of displacement aside, the Madrid comes to this duel morally rearmed after winning the Celtic.

Zidane will not be able to count on Carvajal, who in addition to having some muscular discomfort is sanctioned, since he saw the fifth yellow against the Vigo team. The French could line up Nacho in his place or delay Lucas Vázquez to the side and enter Hazard or Vinicius to play up next to Benzema and Marco Asensio. The rest of the white eleven is expected to be the same as in the last days in which Zidane has applied little or no rotation policy. Jovic, who had been called up in the first instance, was dropped from the list at the last minute due to muscle overload.

For its part, Osasuna arrives at the appointment after not being able to exercise in the natural fields of Tajonar due to the frost that fell in that area of ​​the Pamplona region and transferring the evening session to The Sadar. The plan of Sweep yourself is that your team performs high pressure, ball speed and efficiency in front of goal. As for the eleven, the coach is doubting whether to start Jony on the left wing. The winger started against Olot in Cup del Rey and seems to have recovered from his injury.