Real Madrid, 21 shots on goal to score two goals

He Real Madrid he scored two goals against Monchengladbach in six minutes. A couple of goals that saved the whites from defeat. Before those goals, Real Madrid again showed an alarming lack of goal.

According to UEFA statistics, the white team made a total of 21 shots on target, six of which were between the three clubs, only one more than those made by the German team that finished with eight shots on goal.

Real Madrid launched eight corners and he crashed two balls into the posts, but all that was of little use to him to see the door until the last six minutes, when the goals came with centers to the area and Ramos and Varane as center forwards.

The lack of a goal by Real Madrid is something that has dragged on since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018. The white team has not found a replacement for the Portuguese. Signed up Mariano with Lopetegui and Jovic with Zidane, but none of them have filled the gap for Cristiano. That lack of a goal has been a condemnation for Real Madrid in many games and it was about to be so in Monchengladbach.

Only seven fouls

In UEFA statistics, the fact that Real Madrid only committed seven fouls for the 20 that the German team did, much more intense than those of Zidane.

The German team also ran more than Madrid. Monchengladbach ran a total of 121.2 kilometers for the 113.3 that Real Madrid ran.