Real Betis has been the team that has improved the most from one year to the next

The Real Betis It has been the team that has improved the most in scoring and final position in the classification from last season to this, because of the hand of Manuel Pellegrini has managed to improve the baggage of the previous season by 20 points, adding 61 and finally finishing 6th, while a year before with Ruby -then supplied by Alexis– was 15th with 41 points. Real Betis is also the team of the top twelve that improves the most with respect to the Salary Limit set by LaLiga, since it was assigned the 9th and has managed to climb three positions with respect to it.

Atlético de Madrid and Celta are the other teams that have improved the most compared to the previous season, adding in both cases 16 more points, which has helped the colchoneros to proclaim themselves League champions – both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have added three points less than the previous year – and the Galicians to climb from the 17th place of last year – one point down – to the 8th of the current one, five of the European places. Both Atlético and Celta have improved two places in the final LaLiga classification with respect to the Salary Limit ranking, where they are 3rd and 10th, respectively.

Getafe has been the team that has worsened its performance the most from one season to another, adding 16 points less in the current season and dropping from 8th final place to 15th, despite having the 12th Salary Limit. Eibar and Valladolid, with 12 and 11 points less than a year ago, have paid their slump with the demotion. Valladolid started with 13th Salary Limit and Eibar with 15th and they have been six and five places below, respectively.

Levante, to which LaLiga set the 19th Salary Limit after last winter market, has managed to climb five positions in the standings, while Cádiz has risen four and Osasuna and Elche, three. The people of Elche started with the lowest Salary Limit in the category after ascending the previous season in the playoff – they were sixth in the 2019/20 Second Regular League – and have achieved permanence by beating Athletic on the last day. The people of Bilbao, curiously, add five points less than the previous season (46 now and 51 a year ago) and yet improve one place in the final classification.

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