Rayo and Albacete, the first to return

“Roll the ball in Vallecas!” It will be heard on radio and television this Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. At last! Three months have passed since Eibar-Real Sociedad it exerted as the last match of Spanish professional football played before the forced stoppage by the coronavirus. So we were not aware of it, and for reasons that go far beyond the world of football we would have wished that it were not. But at the current point there is no other way to celebrate the return of Spanish football because it is a consequence and a reflection that the situation has improved. He does it with a Rayo-Albacete that, in reality, is atypical par excellence.

Paco Jémez and Lucas Alcáraz will only be able to align those who were then registered

Paradoxically, this meeting began when COVID-19 was not even discussed in China. Specifically, on December 15 (day 20), almost six months ago, when only the first half was disputed until a sector of Vallecas, calling Albacete striker Roman Zozulia “fucking nazi” led the referee to suspend the duel. This Wednesday, finally, the second half is celebrated, with the stands empty of public although not for anything related to what happened then but as a preventive measure against the spread of the happy coronavirus.

0-0 and ‘Alba’ with one less

Only the second half will be played and with certain peculiarities that go beyond what is related to this new ‘post-coronavirus’ football. It resumes with the 0-0 that it wore then in the electronic and with Lucas Alcaraz being able to align 10 and not 11 players since in that match Eddy Silvestre was sent off. Curiously, the technician of the Albacete it was not such that day when Ramis he was still directing the manchego painting. And like his namesake on the rayista bench Paco Jémez it will not be able to count on any player signed in winter since the duel must be disputed by those who were already registered at the time it was interrupted. With everything discussed, of course this Rayo-Albacete, which may well be defined as the longest game in history, will not be just another game. But let’s stay with the positive: Spanish football returns and with this we all win.

Vallecano Ray: Dimitrievski; Tito, Catena, Milic, Luna; Advíncula, Oscar Valentín, Comesaña o Trejo, Álvaro García; Pozo and Andrés Martín.

Albacete: Tomeu Nadal, Benito, Kecojevic, Caro, Fran García, Pedro, Barri, Azamoum, Ojeda and Acuña or Zozulia.

Referee: López Toca (Cantabrian Committee).

Stadium: Vallecas.

Hour: 20.00.