Raúl wants to make a deep renovation at Real Madrid

Faced with the avalanche of doubts that it provokes Zidane every day about his future by not ensuring that he will continue in office, the Real Madrid he has begun to do his homework so that, in case the Frenchman ends up leaving, the whites will not be left without an alternative.

For this reason, according to the newspaper As, leaders of the Madrid team have already spoken with Raul. The now coach of Castile is one of the possible substitutes and, together with Allegri, the two projects that the club is considering.

Deep renovation

Thus, in the meeting between the coach and the club’s emissaries, Raul He would have advocated a deep renewal of the squad as the main measure upon arrival. The ‘7’ has already shown in the Castile that he has stripes and personality and the truth is that it seems that in the dressing room of the first he would also show his character.

In addition, the ‘7’ is knowledgeable as few of what is in the quarry and, if they deserve it, he could give many opportunities to people from the house who have already come into play with Zidane What Antonio
White, Michael
Gutierrez or Marvin, for example.

Be that as it may, the truth is that everything indicates that until the end of this season, the Real Madrid bench will continue to have an owner. Once finished, it will be time to find out who will be in charge during the next course.