Raúl Fernández, step forward and record

The Spanish Raul Fernandez (Kalex), stepped forward in the third set of free practice of Italian Grand Prix from Moto2 in the circuit of Mugello and he climbed to the first position with a new absolute record for the category included.

Fernández beat the Australian by just under two tenths of a second Remy gardner (Kalex) and the British Sam lowes (Kalex), with the Spanish Aron Canet (Darkwood) in fourth position.

Albert Arenas (Boscoscuro), Canet’s teammate, does not finish adapting to the motorcycle and the category, and when he was trying to climb positions from twenty-fourth place he suffered a fall at turn four that prevented him from continuing with a session in which he dominated at the time the British Sam lowes, in front of Raúl Fernández, Remy Gardner and Augusto Fernández.

Another Spanish, Jorge Navarro (Darkwood), and the American Joe Roberts (Kalex), were the ones who suffered the most, in the positions with the right to pass to the second direct classification, to lower their best time of the first day, with several laps canceled for exceeding the limits of the circuit, although the American, when entering In the last ten minutes, he managed to climb to third position, which Navarro could not do, who finished eleventh on his first day timer.

Ahead of them, Sam Lowes and Raúl Fernández starred in their particular struggle, with Spanish “getting closer” to 88 thousandths of a second of the time of English, while behind them some of their main rivals also began to approach, such as Gardner or italian Tony Arbolino.

But the session was not over for the “rookie” of the category, who in his next turn became the leader with a new absolute record for the category of 1: 50.616, reducing the previous time, which the German had since 2019. Marcel Schrotter in 1: 51.129, and the Italian’s top speed record also fell Nicolo Bulega since 2019 at 300.6 km / h. when getting spanish Marcos Ramirez a maximum speed of 300.8 km / h.

The record of Raul Fernandez found some reaction in some of his rivals, such as Remy Gardner or Sam Lowes, who approached less than two tenths of a second of their time, already with the fourth classified, the Spanish Aron Canet (Boscoscuro), more than seven tenths of a second and that shortly after suffered a sharp fall at turn twelve of the track and, although limping, left the track on his own foot.

They also entered the second direct classification Xavier Vierge, Augusto Fernández and Jorge Navarro, the German Marcel Schrotter and the american Joe Roberts, the Italians Fabio di Giannantonio, Tony Arbolino, Marco Bezzecchi and Lorenzo dalla Porta, the Japanese Ai Ogura.

And they were left out Marcos Ramirez (sixteenth), Hector Garzó (eighteenth) and Fermín Aldeguer (nineteenth) and Albert Arenas (twenty-seventh).