Raquel Mosquera responds to Alba Carrillo: ‘Another unpresentable who is a friend’

The documentary series of Rocio Carrasco, ‘Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive‘, Continues to provoke all kinds of reactions in the media, on social networks and, unsurprisingly, among members of the family of the daughter of Rocío Jurado. Rachel Mosquera She has been one of the people who has spoken recently through the press after Carrasco spoke about her in the documentary.

Rocío Carrasco in her documentary series.

Specifically, the hairdresser denied the words of her stepdaughter, something that greatly annoyed Alba Carrillo, friend of Rocío Carrasco. Thus, the collaborator of ‘It’s already noon’He did not hesitate to attack Mosquera on Monday. “It is the paradigm of good taste. I wouldn’t go to his salon even if they killed me, even if it was five kilometers from the roots. This woman with that style is called a hairdresser, “said the model live.

The reaction of the former woman of Pedro Carrasco He did not wait and, on Monday night, he said good night to his Instagram followers with a text with which he responded to the ex of Feliciano lopez. “Once again defending myself while others sit down to criticize me”Begins the hairdresser.

I don’t allow anyone to play with my children’s bread!
Another unpresentable that is about a recent ‘friend’ of someone you all know …”Adds Mosquera. “He allows himself the luxury of telling me that to know how to comb I have to be combed, and to go paint. Maybe they don’t always get me perfect in all the images ”, the hairdresser continues, referring to Carrillo’s criticisms related to her style and her profession.

Raquel Mosquera on Alba Carrillo: “Another unpresentable who is a recent‘ friend ’of someone you all know”

“If something stands out about me especially, it is not having complexes and dedicating less time to myself and more to my children and the hours that I spend working, not like others,” continues Mosquera, who also emphasizes that Carrillo does not know her or know anything of their life, “only the lies that have been told”.

In addition, he does not hesitate to launch a devastating ‘taunt’ at the also former de Fonsi Nieto: “Maybe I know more about your life than you do about mine (…), for knowing I even know your ex-husband Fonsi Nieto, a great athlete and a fucking uncle, just like his family”.

The hairdresser also remembers that, although Carrillo has questioned her profession, she has cut the hair of her ex’s family and has also combed her Sonsoles Ónega, the presenter of ‘It’s already noon’. “To move your ass or walk on a catwalk you also have to know and it was already reflected that yours was not walking very well in ‘Survivors’, that you looked like a grasshopper. You don’t have to walk to walk, but to walk by walking, ”says Pedro Carrasco’s ex-wife.