Raquel Mosquera responds publicly to Rocío Carrasco: ‘I’m not afraid’

The documentary about Rocio Carrasco is bringing tail. There are several reactions provoked by the public confession of Rocío Jurado’s daughter about her relationship with her closest relatives. The last to go out to speak publicly was Raquel Mosquera.

“For me Rachel Mosquera does not exist”. With those harsh words he referred Rocio Carrasco to his father’s widow, Pedro Carrasco, this Wednesday in the documentary Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive. The hairdresser has always maintained that the boxer died without having a relationship with his daughter, something that Rociíto has wanted to speak openly.

The daughter of Rocio Carrasco on Pedro Carrasco’s Rolex that he asked Mosquera when his father died, and that he never gave it to him. While Raquel maintained that it was the only thing that mattered to RociitoThat watch, she explained, had sentimental value. Apparently, according to Carrasco’s version, they gave it to his father when he married Rocío Jurado and it was recorded.

Raquel Mosquera’s response has not been made: “The truth is, there is only one way and I am not afraid of anything. She has the watch ”. And she has insisted that “the least thing is the watch, but she has it. When a person loves and wants from the heart, it is obvious ”. “I have a very clear conscience,” he sentenced.

When Mosquera has said that “the least thing is the clock” he has done so in reference to Rociíto’s statements about the state in which his father left home after that conversation they had.

Raquel Mosquera has always maintained that Pedro Carrasco was very nervous, while Rocío Jurado’s daughter dropped in the documentary “that he was turning around with the car.”