Raquel Mosquera reappears after her psychotic break to clarify what happened

Just three days after being discharged after suffering a psychotic break that led to being admitted to the Puerta de Hierro hospital for almost two weeks, Raquel Mosquera He has resumed his work obligations.

Demonstrating that everything has been almost forgotten in a scare, and that she is the same as always, the hairdresser has returned to work accompanied by her partner, Isi, and visibly recovered.

Very smiling, and with much to say, Pedro Carrasco’s widow has clarified everything that has been published about her and the reasons that led her to suffer the psychotic outbreak that even made her family fear for her life, sharply denying certain information :

Look, I want to emphasize the magazine that came out yesterday. He said that he had given me the psychotic break, it was that he had made me very upset and even screaming … That is not true, okay? It is not true at all. I am very sorry to have to rectify those who did that but man, their thing is that they contrast that information well. It was not so. I was so calm with my husband and with my sister Silvia because precisely because of everything that was happening logically they know that I am very strong but very sentimental. And then we went to visit the doctor and have my medication adjusted a little, because with this coronavirus I could not go the two or three times that it was my turn because you already know that today almost everything is virtual. Simply that, to say that neither my husband lost his temper and neither did I and that it was just as I have told you, okay?