Raquel Mosquera, admitted for a psychotic break

When there were a few minutes before the broadcast of the episode 7 of the documentary ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive ‘, it has been known that Raquel Mosquera is admitted for an alleged psychotic outbreak, according to the newspaper ‘La Razón’.

According to the aforementioned media, Raquel Mosquera entered at 00:10 on April 13 for a supposed psychotic break. In addition, her sentimental partner, Isi, was the one who accompanied her to the Puerta de Hierro hospital in Madrid.

Likewise, due to the circumstances of the moment, Isi also had to be treated for an anxiety crisis when he was overwhelmed by the situation.

Rachel Mosquera

“It’s fine, although she’s still admitted”, explains to ‘Semana’ the representative of Raquel Mosquera.

“It is outrageous to stain the memory of a deceased person, when he cannot defend himself,” Mosquera lamented this week to ‘Semana’ after the sway of emotions that he has lived through Rocío’s documentary.