Ramos: ‘My goal is to reach the 2026 World Cup’

Sergio Ramos, captain of Real Madrid, assured at the press conference of the presentation of the Amazon documentary that “there is nothing new” regarding his renewal with the white club. The camero’s contract ends on June 30 and the positions between the player and Madrid are still not approaching.

Minutes later, the footballer attended Ibai Llanos in the Twitch program “Chatting quietly” in which he did not shy away from any question and even slipped that he thinks about playing the 2026 World Cup.

Mexico World Cup

“I see myself reaching the World Cup in Mexico in 2026 and I would be the only player who has played six World Cups. He would even go as a utility worker to lend a hand. I feel good. They want to retire us at 32 and there are examples like Cristiano, Buffon or Joaquín who are at an extraordinary level ”.

Atalanta goal

“The idea is to be against Atalanta. I’ve been working with the team for days, I’d like to be available to play ”.

Eliminations of Seville and Barça

“The elimination of Sevilla hurt me. I always wish him the best. Unlike with Barça. Seeing a direct rival fall gives you more satisfaction. We must not wish ill on anyone, we must not laugh because we play next week. PSG is less of my concern. Our rival to beat is always Barcelona. Atalanta have nothing to lose and much to gain. We have to play a very serious game. No team should be underestimated. Look at Juventus “

Madrid’s injuries

“It has been a somewhat black year due to injuries. I have never had such a long injury. We have not been able to have players available. You have to get out with what you have, pulling the quarry. From bad things you have to get good things. Now almost all of us are back together to make things difficult for Zizou “


“I want to leave with a clear conscience. I would like to leave as I think I deserve, through the front door and with the love of the club and the fans. I am very optimistic, I believe in work and things always end up working out. There is no news that I can tell, there is concern but more concern than I do not have anyone. When I know something I will say it. When there is news I will say it. Going back with the companions makes me very excited. I want to go back to the team and finish the season with a title. I see myself another five years at the highest level “

Veterans and fitness level

“The physical level has gone up a lot. My 34 is my 28 from 10 years ago. I have sown a lot for years and I look very good, faster, stronger. Before I leave it for a mental issue than for a physical issue. Big stars are greatly underestimated, especially in Spain. It does not happen with Buffon, Pirlo … The same was not done here with Raúl, Puyol … When you talk about players who have been 15 years old such as Leo, Cristiano, they are examples of perseverance. You have to change your approach and continue to admire those who continue to give their all. You have to criticize less “


“He is the coach who has most marked my career, he trusted the youngsters, the youth players. He was the first one who put me up for people to see me. Luis Aragonés marked an era. Ancelotti Y Zizou they have also been very important to me ”.

Youth and Veterans

“Before, young people did not throw pipes at veterans because they were very radical. Before you carried the material. Now there is much more equality. Now young people only pay in the rounds, I never get involved unless I want to ”.


“I have always identified with the Brazilians, the Andalusians are a bit like that. Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos treated me like a son, I spent a lot of time at their homes, it was a very fun time but we didn’t win anything. Then we didn’t have so much fun but we earned more. “

Penalty in the Metropolitan

“I have a special relationship with Hernández Hernández. For me it is a hand that can be whistled, he is under the magnifying glass because he has not been successful against Madrid. For me it is a penalty that can be done. If they call you from the VAR, there is something. The VAR is here to help. It’s okay to go see it, if you don’t whistle it later … You can’t say you haven’t seen it. If you consider that there is no penalty, it is respectable. I like to be fair and sincere and there is a penalty.

Relationship with referees

“When you are young you are more impulsive, they took me yellow for wearing Madrid’s fourth, many times I was clearly wrong. You don’t stop to think about taking care of the relationship with the referees. If they give me five I shake hands, not before. I was very impulsive and if they stepped on me I wanted to head butt. I made the decision long ago to be different. People stay with the image you project in a game, not with the person, and that makes you carry out other decisions “

Haaland or Mbappé

“I would like to have both of them, but it would be easier under the circumstances to sign Haaland .. The financial circumstances are complicated. He is hungry for a goal, wingspan, provides speed, goal … He can give Madrid a lot, like Mbappé. I think that today it would be easier to come to an agreement for Haaland.

“That they come is not going to be decisive for me. But if Madrid brings great players to win, what I want is to win. It can have a minimum of influence ”.