Ramos, last month as a madridista?

Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid continue not to understand each other and the calendar is unforgiving. In fact, it so happens that the real countdown has already begun to fulfill the captain’s contract because, from this Sunday, he has only one month left until its expiration.

With the season over and Zidane’s departure confirmed, the board’s task is divided between finding a coach (Conte Pochettino or Raúl) and solving the most immediate contractual problems (Ramos, Lucas and Varane).

In the case of the captain, the most relevant, the swords are still in the same place: Sergio Ramos wants to continue and would even agree to see his salary reduced but wants to sign for two years while Real Madrid only offers one as it does with all the players who are in their thirties and renew with the white team. In fact, the clearest example is that of Modric who this week renewed until 2022.

Thus, with the Eurocup in between, in which Sergio Ramos has been left out by Luis Enrique’s decision, both the club and the player will have time to sit down and assess the options on the table. Otherwise, the month of June will expire and Sergio Ramos will officially be without a team.