Ramos could sign for Guardiola’s City!

The future of Sergio Ramos could be next to Pep Guardiola. This is what they say from ESPN that they report that the English team, at the insistence of the Catalan coach, could sign the captain of Real Madrid through an offer that would consist of two years of contract plus the option to play in the New York City, franchise that the whole of Manchester owns in the MLS.

All this, explains Rodrigo Faez, a correspondent for ESPN, would be subject in the first place to the benefits of a player who is 35 years old and who has just finished a season full of injuries. Also, Manchester City would conform to the player’s priorities as long as they are within what is acceptable for the club.

In this way, Sergio Ramos would put an end to his stage at Real Madrid with whom he has not come to understand after many months of negotiation and would join one of his great rivals during the harshest period of the Classics: Pep Guardiola.