Ramos confesses to Ibai his strange meal routine: ‘You suffer like a bastard but …’

Sergio Ramos He has been one of the best center-backs in the world for a few years. And the good fault of it is the demanding exercise routine that he carries out once the group training is finished with his team and the strict feeding Whats Next. Or not so strict. And it is that the camero has taken advantage of his talk with Ibai to confess about the little ones “Caprichitos” that is granted.

“Every 15 days, with my friend Pablo Motos, we meet, we usually meet because we have a very good relationship, and on Sunday we do not have dinner, but have a snack two bowls of chocolate with churros. And that’s how it is ”, the Madrid defender revealed during the interview.

In addition, he has recognized that once a month the family plan is to eat hamburgers: “My children love McDonald’s. And I would like them not to like it because I love it too and we eat it once a month. We pay a tribute. With Double Diet Coke, the big potatoes, no mayonnaise, the next thing. I love mayonnaise. I take the Big Mac and turn it around and around, and I look like Santa Claus with a smudged beard and mustache. But one day it can be done ”.

And it is that, although he is aware of the responsibility he has for his work, he assures that giving himself a joy from time to time is necessary: ​​“You live for and for your work and you suffer like a bastard, but you have to know how to differentiate what is to eat, what is to enjoy, and to eat, what is give your body what it needs “commented the Sevillian.

“I am changing, but I have a very defined criterion. A week, I do three fasts. I train without breakfast and then have my protein shake. I eat and alternate the salad with a fish and a meat. You have to have a complement of Balance at the diet level because the body needs these nutrients to have the better performance”Ramos explained to Ibai.