Ramon Terrats: ‘My confidence and personality have helped me get here’

Ramon Terrats, born in Barcelona on October 18, 2000, has become one of Girona’s most valuable discoveries this season. The left-hander has knocked down the door of professional football and after rejecting offers from Madrid and Atlético, he hopes to continue growing in Montilivi.

– What are the feelings of the team after chaining 11 points of the last fifteen in play?

I think that winning is always important. The team has noticed this and that is why we are more united than ever and wanting to continue improving, which is what will allow us to reach our goal: the playoff. We are seeing the best version of many footballers and this is important. We are psyched to fight to the end. We have arguments for it.

“Saying no to Madrid is not easy at all, but here I feel at home and I enjoy playing”

– Talk about improvement that allows them to think about promotion. What has the team lacked before? How has it improved?

Individual upgrades have raised the level. We have changed the system and this has resulted in an improvement in the game and has allowed us to generate many more chances and the goals have arrived. Samu was amazing the other day. I think the individual versions make a difference.

– There has been a change of system to 3-5-2. How do you feel about it? Who do you get on better with?

Now we have more ball out and this has allowed us to believe that we can have it and hurt our opponents with this. I feel very good, more liberated. I don’t have to cover so many spaces. I think that on the pitch I understand very well with Monchu and Gumbau. Your style benefits me. Outside, with everyone, but especially with the Catalans and the young people we get along very well.

“Until recently, studies were ahead of football, but life has turned the tables and football is now the priority”

– Someone key in this story is Francisco. What does your figure suppose?

Without him nothing would have been possible. I have to thank him for the opportunity, but it is true that after the consistency I think I have earned it with my performance on the pitch. He trusts young people and he has shown it. With him, whoever trains well and is involved plays, whoever doesn’t, doesn’t.

– The irregularity has generated doubts. Has the team proven to be with him?

Yes, we are to death with him. The day of Las Palmas was very clear. He has helped us all a lot, he trusts us and it shows. If it was only with eleven players the reaction would not have been this.

“We are seeing the best version of many footballers and this is what will allow us to fight until the end for the goal”

– El Rayo, the next rival, is the one who marks the promotion. Are we talking about a final?

I could tell you yes, although it will not be final, it is a very important game. A final is when there is no beyond the match and it is not the case. He is a direct rival, but we must focus on always winning.

– The debut was in a stadium like La Romareda. What do you remember from that day?

I remember it with a lot of nerves. It was a historic field, we slept there with 5-6 team players the night before and it was special. We talked about who was going to start and who was not. When I found out he was playing I relaxed a bit more. Once on the grass I am always calm.

– Precisely tranquility is one of your virtues even in moments when it has failed. Is it one of your strengths?

I don’t think I ever or almost never get nervous. I have a lot of confidence in myself and I have proven it. Now I do what they ask me. When I have to have the ball I try and when I have to defend too. All players fail, even the best in the world. I failed in Miranda but I wanted the ball again. I think this personality has allowed me to avoid many mistakes and to get here.

“All players fail, even the best in the world. I made a serious mistake in Miranda but I wanted the ball again for the next action “

– He renewed with Girona, but before he had to reject Madrid and Atlético. It was hard?

Saying no to Madrid is not easy at all, but I was clear that I wanted to stay here. I feel at home and from day one they have treated me great. I play and enjoy and this is important. Right now there are three more years of contract, but I hope it can be many more.

– Eight months ago he was not a starter at Sant Andreu. Now undisputed in Second A. Could you imagine something like that?

Whenever you play soccer, you dream of being a professional, but I didn’t expect it. I was playing fields that have nothing to do with each other. It is a change that I have had to assimilate quickly because the competition demands this of you. Competing and the enthusiasm that I have have helped me to grow on and off the field.

– In a short time you have knocked down the door of professional football. What comes next? What are your dreams?

My short-term dream and what would make me happier is to go up to the First Division with Girona. I think all players have dreams and I would like to play in Europe.

– How has Ramon Terrats’ day to day changed?

Since I was little I have been a professional in the sense of leading an orderly life. Until recently, studies were ahead of football, but life has turned the tables and football is now the priority and it will be until the last day of my career. My routine remains the same. I study, I meet my friends, my girlfriend, as well as my family. The most radical change is living alone here in Girona.

– A childhood idol?

Andres Iniesta

– The best stadium where you have played?

La Romareda, for the debut.

– A stadium to play in?

The Bernabéu or the Camp Nou.

– A coach?


– Favorite dish?

My father’s vegetable puree

– A song that motivates you?

Hotel California