Ramón García and Patricia Cerezo separate after 24 years of marriage

Ramón García (59 years old) and Patricia Cerezo (49) star in one of the great sentimental ruptures of this year. The marriage has decided to put an end to their love story after a quarter of a century together.

24 years ago, the presenter gave the “Yes, I do” to the love of his life. For decades they have formed one of the strongest couples on the Spanish television scene, and also one of the most beloved, as Ramontxu – as he is known in the media union – is admired by audiences past and present. But the love between the marriage has come to an end, as published by Semana magazine this Wednesday.

Ramón García and Patricia Cerezo they met when the presenter was a Spanish television star with programs such as ‘Don’t laugh, it’s worse,’ ‘What we bet’ or ‘Grand Prix’ and she worked as a stewardess in the state channel.

In 1997 the couple married and have had two daughters: Natalia, 17, and Verónica, 14. Now, 24 years later Ramón García (59 years old) and Patricia Cerezo separate their lives.

The breakup is somewhat surprising, since it seemed that everything was going well between them. On March 8, in fact, Patricia congratulated Ramontxu on his 24 years of marriage with a very special photograph of their wedding day. This is the last image together on social networks