Ramón Calderón demands the resignation of Florentino

Ramon Calderon, former president of Real Madrid, uploaded and questioned the creation of the Super League that Florentino Pérez, current top white president, managed and I believe. “Is a backstab football. It’s crazy that it was done without thinking. When I listened to Florentino (explain the project) I thought it was a joke in bad taste. It would be a act of dignity, that after this failure he resigned. He became, without the right to be, the owner of football and Real Madrid ”, he told Super Deportivo Radio on Radio Villa Trinidad.

“More than Superliga is the mini league, because it lasted two days, seems to have died within days of being born. It will not prosper. I am very happy as a soccer man, that this does not prosper, because this invention is a “stab” in the back to football, “said the former coach.

More than Superliga it is the mini League because it lasted two days, a madness that was done without thinking, in a foolish way and with treachery

“It’s crazy that it was done without thinking. It was done so foolish. I am very glad that it is about to fail. It was done with treachery. A statement that was made at 12 o’clock at night, announcing this pointless project. I can’t imagine any player accepting this league and giving up their Selection. Those who made this Super League are foolish ”, he added.

Florentino has become, without rights, the owner of football: he kidnapped Madrid, since his arrival there have been no elections

And he did not spare fierce criticism of Florenitno Pérez: “When I listened to it, I thought it was a joke but in bad taste. Saying that he was doing this to save football was so ridiculous… The project, as we say here, became a “botched”. And Florentino had to publicly acknowledge that Real Madrid was in a very critical economic condition, that 91 million euros were lost and that together with a millionaire investment in the remodeling works of the stadium, does nothing but put in a situation complex economically to the Club ”.

And going further, Calderón declared: “It would be an act of dignity that Florentino Perez resigned, but you don’t expect that from him. Having done what he did and after putting the Club in such a critical situation, that’s what he should do. He became, without the right to be, the football owner. He kidnapped Real Madrid, since his arrival there have been no elections, I was the last President. He considers himself the owner of Real Madrid ”.