Raiola moves Haaland away from City for Guardiola

Manchester City is one of the teams that sounds like a destination for Haaland, but after the last declarations of Raiola, the Norwegian’s agent, everything indicates that the English team is ruled out to be Haaland’s fate.

Mino Raiola has given an interview in The Athletic where he has made it very clear that his relationship with Guardiola, Coach of City, is very bad and for that reason, it seems almost impossible that Haaland lands in the English team. After criticizing sir Alex ferguson saying that “when Ferguson criticized me, that was the highest compliment anyone could give me”, it was Guardiola’s turn. “As for Mr. Guardiola, I already closed the book a long time ago. Everybody knows what I think of him and he can say what he thinks of me. For the rest, I think he is a great coach. And so it is. I will not shut up for anyone. I will give my opinion, I think it is my right ”, said Raiola.

The representative spoke of Haaland to praise him and slip that maybe he shouldn’t have gone to Dortmund, if not to a bigger team. “With Haaland, everyone was wrong. He did things much faster than everyone imagined. Maybe I was too careful when I said, ‘Oh no, let’s go to Dortmund instead of I don’t know where,’ ”he said, adding that“ this guy can go to any club, wherever he wants, already at this level. And I could have done it last year. But maybe last year there were still teams saying, ‘Oh, he was at Red Bull, can he do it at another club?’ But Haaland is faster than all the predictions. “