Rain threatens the classification of the Styrian Formula 1 Grand Prix

The worst forecasts were met, and the rain has conditioned and punished the Saturday session of the Formula 1 at Red Bull Ring at the Grand Prix of Styria (Austria), second date of the season. The day began with water, with the unknown that it could happen with the third session of the free, until before the time of the FP3 concluded, race management decided to suspend this third round, after two on Friday, in which they dominated Checo Pérez and Max Verstappen.


Two security cars and the medical car rolled on the circuit, and the helicopter could fly at the scheduled start of the session, but in the end, seeing that despite some windows being open, the situation did not improve, race director Michael Masi He decided to permanently suspend the last round of free practice of the weekend.

At this point, the question now is whether it will be possible to carry out the classification, which is scheduled to start this Saturday at 3:00 p.m. Several scenarios are those that are now being proposed, that a classification session carried out by water is carried out, as originally planned, or that due to this element it cannot be carried out this Saturday.

Possible scenarios

In this case, Ross Brawn confirmed to Jenson Button that the classification could take place on Sunday morning, and, in the worst case scenario, the FP2 times would rule. “If we do not run today, we would have the classification tomorrow, we would only lose the short race of Formula 2, otherwise the times of Free 2 could be done.”

That is, the best time of Max Verstappen (1: 03.660), followed by Bottas (1: 03.703) and Pérez (1: 03.877), with Carlos Sainz in fifth position, 1: 04.333.

Now everyone looking at the sky.