Rain of criticism for Cristina Pedroche for her latest ‘look’: ‘You should report it …’

Cristina Pedroche placeholder image, who is very active on social networks, is used to sharing daily with her more than 2.9 million followers the extravagant ‘looks’ that she chooses to go to work. However, the last outfit she wore on ‘Love Island’ has not been very successful with her ‘followers’.

“I’m a strawberry cupcake and I love it,” wrote the Vallecana next to the capture in which she appears smiling. In just a few hours, the ‘post’ has accumulated a multitude of reactions. “You should report the person who makes you wear those things …” transmitted a follower. “The dress could not be uglier,” agreed another.

At the moment, Cristina Pedroche placeholder image he is recording the ‘reality show’ that he presents in Gran Canaria, specifically in the south of the island. Due to the good weather there, television can bet on more summery ‘outfits’ and show off its spectacular brunette.

On the other hand, the woman from Dabiz Munoz
She also wanted to show her followers the original nail design she has chosen. “Freshly made. The rainbow always in me ”, he transmitted.

This publication was not without criticism either. “When you think that the thing cannot be more mocha and choni … she goes and appears”, a follower transmitted to Pedroche.