Rafael Amargo reconciles with his father on stage

It has not been the sweetest birthday for Rafael Amargo. The artist ended the year involved in a controversy after being arrested at the beginning of December accused of drug trafficking and in full rehearsals for his new work, ‘Yerma’. The bailaor was released hours later, but the Prosecutor’s Office has appealed his release demanding prison for Amargo.

Rafael Amargo upon arrival at the Courts for the Corax case.

This news has tarnished the anniversary of the artist, who I turned 46 on January 3 and he celebrated it with his audience by blowing out the candles on the stage of the Teatro La Latina in Madrid. What the bailaor did not imagine was that his parents would appear in full celebration to surprise him, since there are many rumors that indicate that Amargo has a bad relationship with their parents.

The magazine Semana published on December 15 that the artist has not spoken to his father since his arrest, despite the fact that during the first hours of his arrest he firmly defended him before the media. Although he initially denied it, Amargo ended up admitting that there was a problem between him and his parents: “I have made up. They are very correct, so anything they measure a lot to me, in the good sense of the word, but I am already 46 years old ”, the bailaor clarified.

A source close to the family stated that “You don’t talk to your father, you do to your mother. He has moved away from him because he tells him things as they are. His father does not like things and he speaks clearly. He is the one who is turning his back on a lot of people because he doesn’t want to hear certain things ”. However, that his father Florentino was part of the surprise for his birthday points out that your reconciliation is on the right track.