Rafael Amargo, in love with a famous Telecinco: ‘He spent the night at his house’

In shock we were left to learn why the media character of Mediaset drinks the winds Rafael Amargo. Miguel Frigenti dropped the bomb in ‘Sálvame’ assuring that the artist could have had an ‘affair’ with Cristian Suescun, brother of Sofía Suescun and former contestant of ‘Survivors 2020’ and ‘La Casa fuerte’.

“They tell me that he has become infatuated with Cristian Suescun. I say it because I know it and because I know it. I have heard text messages in which Rafael Amargo throwing things at Cristian Suescun and invites him to his house. He has become infatuated “, has declared the journalist.

Frigenti confirmed that dancer and contestant are together.

The information provided by Frigenti was confirmed by Kiko Matamoros, which expanded the data of this supposed ‘rollito’, assuring that “Cristian has been in his house, both have been interested. I know they have seen each other and Cristian has even gone to see him at the theater ”, he revealed.

The latest ‘affair’ known to Sofía Suescun’s brother It was the ‘fooling around’ he had with Yola Berrocal in ‘La Casa fuerte’, which caused Cristian to break up with his girlfriend.

Rafael Amargo is still in the eye of the hurricane

The bailaor continues to grab headlines since his media arrest last December for alleged drug trafficking, which was followed by a dialectical fight with María Patiño and the revelation of a stormy relationship with his father, Florentino.

Now, Amargo is on everyone’s lips again for this alleged relationship with Maite Galdeano’s son. At the moment, none of them has commented on the matter.